He was a zealous man and his idea of Christianity was his own.

When Kalamindi finds religion and accepts Jesus as his Saviour, he is convicted of all his sins and he takes matters into his own hands. He lives a life of salvation as an eccentric Christian, trying to force all around him to accept Jesus, trying to enforce his teaching of End Time. His beliefs have evolved in some pretty radical ways and he is convinced the world is in the Apocalypse. He fails miserably when he tries street preaching, casting out devils, speaking in tongues, and laying hands on the sick.

All the trappings of Christian divinity fail.

He is in a severe battle of conscience against his personal demons; his old life continues to follow him and he can’t shake off the lusts of the flesh and it drives him insane. After many Christians rip him off his money, he is forced to examine every interaction, and is confounded with the way in which his notions of reality become suddenly – irrevocably – stripped bare.

Kalamindi is a story of loss; a story of destruction; a story of disappointment; a story of renewal. It’s the story of dark extremes of an eccentric faith. It’s a story of dark ugly evil in the hearts of men.

Novel, 544 pages

KShs 2,000 Paperback
Not yet published