Okang’a Ooko is the author of Businesswoman’s Fault, (stories), and three mainstream novels, including Bengaman, When You Sing To The Fishes and the latest, Hunter & Gatherer mostly vivid accounts of scandalous vices, human folly, power games, and peopled by men and women struggling to succeed in the new African renaissance. He writes thrilling and intriguing character-driven fiction based on African characters and situations. His work presents a compelling narrative voice and a new way of seeing the world.

Ooko is a very ambitious and hardworking writer for this generation. His three Must-Read cavalier bestselling novels are in categories that matter to him: history, politics, pop culture (especially music), love-and-danger, business, corruption, true crime, and self-development. Known as “Kenya’s new master storyteller”, Ooko epitomizes a new shift in African fiction and his books are mostly set in Kenya. He loves to dispel the myth that Africans don’t read, and incredible readers who have stumbled upon his books have liked them tremendously. He has been writing since childhood when his mother took him to the local library in his hometown of Kisumu to keep him out of the company of bad boys. As a serial daydreamer, it was nice to finally get the stories on paper when he started writing full time in retirement in 2017. He has not looked back since. He believes current African issues (pop culture, politics, business, corruption) make dramatic stories with or without a literary bent, and he knows there is a huge potential to create intriguing stories around these themes. No writer is doing it. With his new book, Hunter & Gatherer, he currently aims to shepherd his vocation as a writer of commercial African fiction.
 In addition to being a prolific writer, he is an artist, an acclaimed graphic designer and musician. He lives the life of an artist. He worked in the publishing industry as a designer and typesetter, community manager at a content development company, and book cover designer for fiction and non-fiction.

He was born and raised in Kisumu, in Kenya. He lives in Nairobi with his wife and four children. When he isn’t reading or writing engaging stories, he’s probably singing, watching edgy black comedy on Netflix. In his spare time, he gives writing lectures, creates graphic arts, plays the guitar and draws things. You can connect with Ooko on Facebook at facebook.com/rd.ooko/.You can also visit his website, okangaoo.com, to sign up for emails about new releases.


Professional services

I am a talented and versatile writer, senior graphic and UI designer and content creator, illustrator, 2D animator, proficient in all aspects of creative and technical communications.

My primary design tools are: • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator •  Adobe After Effects • Adobe Premiere Pro • Toon Boom • CorelDraw • Microsoft Office: Word • PowerPoint • WordPress • HTML • CSS • CMS • Google Slides • Google Docs. • Apple Keynote • Apple Pages

My skillsets

• Graphic designer

I am a Senior Graphic Designer with exceptional design skills. I am a creative thinker and problem solver with proven experience working with a diverse group of people (educators, non-governmental organizations, religious organizations, publishers, government ministries, marketing companies, etc.) I create high-quality visual content including document layouts, infographics, illustrations, UI, presentations, brands and collateral materials. I develop visual design concepts across multiple platforms such as print and digital applications, web and mobile devices for multiple clients and their brands. I interpret and distill highly technical information for mainstream audiences through visual communication. My skillsets cover fine art and 2D design in various media and in Corporate design (logos, identity, stationery, graphic standards manual, branding), Print design (typography, typesetting, layout design, cover design, book/report interior design, annual reports, magazines, newsletters, etc, marketing collaterals), Illustrations, Vector processing, Pre-press design, UI and Mockups design (eBooks, phones, or any device), Marketing assets, Web graphics.

• UI/Visual designer

As a UI Designer, I weave iconography, typography, color, space, color pallets animations, imagery and texture to create products that delight users aesthetically. I possess animation skills in After Effects and video capabilities in Premiere Pro (video content creation, production and editing) which I use to help users successfully navigate products. I believe that each product should be beautiful and accessible. As a UI/Visual Designer, I delight users with designs that inspire, engage, and excite them. I rely on user-centered design principles to produce high-quality visuals—from concept to execution—across many platforms in including web, iOS and Android. I collaborate with my fellow designers to constantly refine the visual design language and create innovative, great-looking products that people love to use.

• Photo editor

I edit raw images using Adobe Photoshop. I select, edit, retouch, and position photographs and images for print and web marketing, ensuring consistency and alignment of image tone with brand messaging.

• Video producer & editor

I plan, design, produce, film, cut and and edit corporate video content for internal and external communications. I provide writing assistance (e.g., scripting, storyboarding, etc). I am capable of editing at various stages of post-production. I use Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Rough Cut, Fine Cut, Toon Boom etc.

• Web developer and Digital content manager

With my extensive knowledge of Wordpress, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, and web publishing tools, together with my writing skill (copywriting and SEO), I develop beautiful, clean code. I test for design, functional, and technical QA criteria. I launch and maintain websites and servers. Moreover, I am a practitioner in digital marketing arts able to manage the workflow of content from different online media platforms as Web Content Developer, Digital Content Developer, Creative Director, Social media marketer, Brand designer.

• InDesign typesetter

I have 20+ years of experience typesetting experience in the publishing industry, with experience ranging from Production Artist to Design Director, with expertise in book interior design including eBooks. Over the years I've laid out and typeset numerous fiction and non-fiction book interiors, including illustrations. I have extensive experience using Adobe InDesign and I'm very well-versed in creating and analyzing design specifications and layouts. My files use all of the automation features InDesign offers, resulting in consistently accurate, professionally designed and typeset files.

• Writer

Words are my muse and I use them to speak volumes of emotions and feelings, all with the ultimate goal of helping my clients. I am widely read on a variety of topics and have an extensive academic background in the arts and social sciences. Knowing exactly what to say is crucial in today's media driven world. I am a writer gifted with creativity. I am proficient at creative writing, content writing, and ghost writing. My writing services cover: Fiction and non-fiction ghostwriting • Creative writing • Content Development • Christian Books • Copy Articles Memoir & Biography • Research • Technical ghostwriting • Promotional ghostwriting • Business • Personal Development books • Product description and labels • Sales copy • Academic Writing • Newsletter • Blog writing Book Review & Consultation

• Editor & Proofreader

I am a professional book editor in English, offering copyediting, error correction for grammar, punctuation, typos and spelling errors; and developmental editing services. I work closely with authors and brands to clarify and improve the quality of their message. I have ddevelopment editing experience and have worked with many authors. I am also a diligent and experienced Proofreader with strong experience assessing and correcting a wide variety of business and research texts. Superior interpersonal and communication skills in explaining needed changes to authors and executives. Proven ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously. I offer everything from intensive manuscript development editing to proofreading and basic editing and reviews. I also offer transcription services).


I am a committed and hard-working professional and look forward to working with you. I offer honest, original and high-quality work on time according to your specifications. With my keen ability to spearhead challenging projects, combined with my steadfast commitment to top-notch creativity, I am prepared to excel in providing outstanding services to your company.

If I seem like a match for you, don’t hesitate and hit me up a message or (perhaps) an interview invitation. I’m always open to discussing new projects. I would be thrilled to offer you my pallet of skills and expertise to help you expand your idea to the best result possible. I can provide you with a complete range of solutions that will enhance and help your business grow and your business identity stand out.


My Graphic Design Portfolio

Download my detailed 2023 Graphic Design Portolio here.

My Graphic Design CV

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My Author/ Creative Writer CV

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My LinkedIn Profile

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Novels, short stories & Other Writings

Currently Working on Remember The children of Kisumo, novel
Currently Working on The New Girl In Mombasa, novel
April 2020 Hunter and Gatherer, novel
December 2019 When You Sing To the Fishes, novel
July 2018 Bengaman, novel
October 2017 Business Woman's Fault, seven stories
January 2016 Happy 9th Birthday, horror novella
June 2013 Kiss Ya Bangongi, short story
July 2011 Rude Awakening, short story
July 2009 First and Second Rhythm Guitars in an Old Benga Song, short novella
October 2006 Why No One Knows Where Death Lives Papyrus Artists Organisation, kids short story, audio podcast
2005 Infinity Eulogy for my friend Martin Owino, Hawi Magazine Volume I, Lake Victoria Writers' Group, poem
August 2004 Moni Afinda Published in Eve Magazine, short story
June 2004 Innocents Longings, Dangerous Fulfilement First published in www.voicenet.org, poem
May 2002 The Proposal Published in Black Voices Online, short story
2001 Adventurer Published in Lady magazine, short story
1998 Pollution Control of Small –Scale Metal Industries In Nairobi, Final Report of Small –scale Metal Industries Environmental Pollution In Kenya , research study for International Labour Organisation (ILO)
May 1997 Scrap Metal Recycling, A product development study of Kamukunji Jua Kali Sector Published by the Undugu Society of Kenya research paper
November 1996 Kichorochoro Published in Flash, newsletter of the Undugu Society, issue no 98, short story
May 1995 Running Wild Published in Flash, newsletter of the Undugu Society, issue no 55, short story
September 1993 Now The Sun Doesn’t Shine Kenya Polytechnic Drama Club, an AIDS allegory with ritual drama, play in three acts


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