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You Can't Polish This Turd!


You Can't Polish This Turd! is the saga of Sally Obange, an intelligent and ambitious marketing professional covertly orchestrating her destiny to success in the bustling business community of Upperhill, Nairobi. Her marriage to Rapudo presents her with the seat of power her heart truly yearned and she evolves from an ordinary ambitious professional into a cold blooded political animal. Every political force in her path is turned into a surrogate for the motifs on the contemporary political scene that irritate Rapudo's own conservative sensibilities, making the clear point that politics is the sport of distasteful appeasers and politically correct prudes. Her greed consumes her like fire even before she reaches her goal.

(Coming out in February 2018. Preorder Now!)
560 pages
$7.99 Amazon Kindle ebook
$15.99 Paperback