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When Tandawuoya finds religion and accepts Jesus as his Saviour, he is convicted of all his sins and he takes matters into his own hands. 

Tandawuoya, featured three separate stories told in different styles: one a realist narrative about Tandawuoya as a scandalously corrupt man, a manager in a construction company, a rogue businessman, an amnesiac sinner and a womanizer living in the city of Nairobi defrauding people and living large. He survives a car crash and meets Jesus on his hospital bed. 

The second is the story of Tandawuoya (in first-person narrative) in his converted state, deeply remorseful, retelling his sordid past and confessing to a pastor. He suddenly realizes that the world is coming to an end and he has no time. So he shuts himself in in a room where nobody should bother him. He goes on a forty days drinking only water. He starts his confession. But he has issues that he has left behind in the “world”. Unfinished business. People are looking for him: his ex-wife, his wife. His two sons, his daughter, people he owes money, his business partner who he has left in debt, the police. On the third day of fasting, he collapses and is taken to hospital unconscious.
The third story is the story of Tandawuoya and the way he lives a life of salvation as an eccentric Christian, trying to force all around him to accept Jesus, trying to enforce his teaching of End Time. His beliefs have evolved in some pretty radical ways and he is convinced the world is in the Apocalype. He fails miserably when he tries street preaching, casting out devils, speaking in tongues, and laying hands on the sick. All the trappings of Christian divinity fail. He is in a severe battle of conscience against his personal demons; his old life continue to follow him and he can’t shake off the lusts of the flesh and it drive him insane. After many Christians rip him off his money and a pastor’s wife seduces him, he is forced to examine every interaction, and is confounded with the way in which his notions of reality become suddenly – irrevocably – stripped bare.

As a sign of faith in God’s protection and, ultimately, obedience to His will, he moves away from the Church to a place where he believes he will find solitude. Dirty, profane, volatile, very much alone and extremely frugal, he turns himself in and ends in jail where he finds peace. 

It’s a story of loss, a story of destruction, a story of disappointment, a story of renewal. It’s the story of dark extremes of an eccentric faith. It’s a story that might not have been written. It’s a story of dark dark evil in the hearts of men. In combining fantasy and allegory with minutely located naturalistic narrative this book turns out to be another of Okang’a Ooko’s tour-de-force gems with twists and turns.

450 pages
$6.99 Amazon Kindle ebook
$14.99 Paperback