Innocent longings, 
Dangerous Fulfilment


By R D Okang’a Ooko
© Okang’a Ooko, 1989. All rights reserved


Innocence never known and never seen again.
The jokes and joys of youth
Gave way to man’s created truth.

Long work, hard days, borrowed pity,
Fun gone and days no longer sunny.
Black to red, my person dead:
Sanity does not slip and stutter.

Crimes committed, all beliefs asunder,
Where I am I do not wonder.
No longer to make the grade,
It’s sordid knowledge: the keeper of my blade.

But who, . . . is there any wonder?
Sin seek sin: dagger flesh and dagger steel.
Seek the woman, seek to kill.
Like passion: Fire hot, sleek and cold, 
gently sliding to its goal.

I seek the heart, nothing less,
To love you with my shivering caress.
Life slowly dripping from your breast,
My pleasure fulfilled at your duress.