Thoughts on Infinity



By Okang’a Ooko
© Okang’a Ooko, 2004. All rights reserved


They asked me once
My thoughts on infinity.
And I told them 
After thinking endlessly
with all I had to think about infinity
That infinity was not on my list of things to think about.
That infinity puts my thoughts on a bizarre wild goose chase.
It was too broad and too expanded,
And far too wide beyond the reach of my mind.
All I could see was boundlessness expanse of space and time
And the face of my God. 

It could be time on an ego-trip, for all I know.
After all, when you are pressed for time,
In this seemingly limitlessness world
Infinity may as well
Not be there among your many 
many businesses and priorities as we all rush towards the grave

They asked me to stretch my mind 
To embrace the realms of cosmos reality and make definition possible
And I said to them,
Infinity is time-released time
In a measureless space
Frankly, infinity does not affect me personally one way or the other.
You stand with your two feet on Earth
And think too long and wide about infinity
Your mind locks up in a jam of continum maze
Yet you live in a tiny little world that got here through
Creation long long after infinity was there?
Think, try to organise thoughts about it
That this old wide world (when you think) is afterall just a baby
Grouped together recently with the Sun, the Moon and others
In the Milky Way which but a tiny dust in the Universe
in the boundless expanse of time that created it.

And how far does space stretch anyway.
And what is there behind it?
And what is there behind what is behind it?
And what is there behind-behind-behind what is behind it?
I don’t want to sound negative about losing myself
In the muddle of thought.
I don’t want to overromanticize it either.
But frankly,
Losing my mind in thought is stupid. Stupid-stupid-stupid.
Could be the worst thing to happen to me.
So I'll put the kibosh in to maintain my fragile sanity.
In the end I won't think about things I don't know.
I'll just live... one day at a time till I die
And get the hell out of here.

Hey, but what do you think about Infinitude then?
Same story, sir.

Life is too short for me to tell you everything I know.