Why Death Is Good

By Okang’a Ooko
© 2015. All rights reserved

When you go through ills more troubling and agonising than death, then you get to the precipice where the sting of death no longer harms you... a point where death is no longer a banished stranger and a deathly feared opponent. Finding yourself at the gates of death can seem like meeting an old friend at your regular spot. When you arrive at the pinnacle of human anguish and languish at the innards of human suffering like old Job only knew, then you conquer selfish fear and death no longer worry you because you get to higher level of understanding and selflessness.

In fact it becomes vain and unwise that you haven't prepared for death and what worries you can be things like your reputation and your loved ones who naturally need you to stay alive no matter how far gone you are and how frail your spirit is. Spurgeon says, thus. " O death! why dost thou touch the tree beneath whose spreading branches weariness hath rest?" You yield your soul to the Lord and you reach a higher ground of human experience reached by a very few. That's why Paul said that for him to die is gain.

At the end of his ministry in 2 Timothy, we see Paul saying he had "fought a good fight" and was ready to meet death. So ugly and scary is death in the eyes of average man who is not afflicted and is surrounded by good fortune and is busy amassing material stuff that to him, death is an ugly beast who snatches away the the excellent of the earth in whom there is great hope.


Only a fool does not prepare for death: it is a reality we are faced with from the very minute we are born. In fact a thinking person should ask a simple question like Tolstoy asked: If we are all going to die, why wait and tarry through all these years going through the whirlpool of suffering chasing material possessions. Yet Christ Jesus gave us the best example... He was born in a manger. had no house, hired a colt for the Jerusalem journey, hired a room for the Last supper, was hanged on the cross belonging to Barnabba, was burried in the grave belonging to Joseph the Pharisee.

In other words, if death is inevitable, why do we have to wait all these years for it to come. If death is for real, what's the purpose of the life in the first place. If we are born to die, why wait this long? If death is for sure, why life?