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By Okang’a Ooko
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I am observing things now from the point of view of a writer. The thing about “observations” is that you learn a lot more about people than you ever thought you’d know. Society: the are millions upon millions of peoples living on the earth--simply known as a common folk of Homo sapiens--members of a single biological species. And with that great number of peoples, it can be well imagined to multitudes of social, economical, political, and essentially moral shave taken “hits” and been downgraded from their humble beginnings.

What may pass for “okay” for some may not for others--it goes without saying. Think of the Beginning; small close knit group of peoples struggling to survive on the Plains, the Savannas, the Deserts, low lands and high lands. After a time other groups join to form some semblance of a “community”. The community is loose in the Beginning; the men hunt, the women do everything else.
Then, the community begins to grow. And grow. And grow.

Connections are made to other neighboring communities. Soon something of trade routes take route and in comes commerce and more and more exploration. This entails the need for protection from those communities who wish to have what another has. So a “fort” is needed, to keep and maintain said “fort” the strongest of the community take post. Someone takes charge, someone in command, someone strong and tough who will take responsibility comes to be.

There is the need for medical and education. Members of the community lend a hand to aid their own, passing down from generation from generation, word of mouth, observations, and so on to perpetuate their race and community.

As you can see, a police and fire community comes to be as necessary, too. More and more to defend the community becomes precedent, more exploration, encountering “other” cultures, communities, and so on.
And so on. Culture Shock can be encountered, can find to be bizarre as it so differs from the Colonialists or Explorers. In that the Explorers often try to convince the new encounters the Explorer’s way of life. Some regard this as blasphemy and the Explorer/Missionary often become “dinner” guests.
As communities grew from infancy to whole societies, the moral thing became an issue. World wide. There was usually the standard norm of acceptable behavior in regards to public decency, but in many cultures, other societies this was not so

And as populated societies grew tenfold and beyond the moral code took a drastic beating. Human beings all over the world within the same communities have very different ideas and views about what is correct, the norm, pleasant and unpleasant, rude and polite, true and false and right and wrong.
All these difference, created by one biological species, are expressions of human culture. But still…